Finish the Race

So we are at the half way mark and we are tired, fatigued, weary and seems like we can't finish this race. There's too many hurdles to leap over, to many obstacles in front of us and that finish line seem so far away. You don't know how your going to finish; your anxiety is rising and the pressures of life is getting more and more intense. Every time you turn back your opponent is on your back, riding your heels and seems like their on their way to the finish line for the win. And then you fall and you know for sure you've lost the race and your at that point your thinking about forfeiting the race. Then you remember who you are and who's you are! You get back up, you dust yourself off and that overwhelming strength, power, overpowers you and you begin to run again. But, now it's a super natural power that comes over you and takes you pass your opponent, vastly, and you find yourself approaching the finish line and then the spirit of God says, "we've one again!" You shout with praise and leap for joy because you had a comforter there with you to carry through the finish line.

Readers, I tell you from the very beginning of 2021 I've been in a race, and is still racing, in a race called life. I lost my job, dealing with sickness, lost a parent, total car failure all in this first half of the year. I was beginning to feel like giving up; I human, right! Well sometimes when your a believer, you feel like, "the audacity of you to be weak!" But at the end of the day 2 Chronicles 20:15 told me not to be afraid and the battle is not mine to fight. So through prayer and petition (Philippians 4:6), I asked God to send me His Holy Spirit, to me to give me strength, put people in my path to help me overcome those hurdles and obstacles that I am facing, to lead and guide me, to open my mind and heart to receive His guidance. And sure enough I have that overwhelming super natural power to finish strong!

We still have six more months of 2021 and I believe by Faith that I'm on my way to the finish line for the win. I encourage you through your Faith, prayer, and obedience you will finish strong too! No matter what it looks like keep praying, keep being Faithful and allow the guidance of Holy Spirit. See we can't finish this race without Him. If we try, we are risking to be broken, bruised, beat up and that's not the plan God have for US. Always keep in mind He sent His son Jesus to to pay the ultimate price for our sins. Can you think of anyone in your life that died so that you can be saved? Don't give up, finish strong! God Bless.

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