Have you really put into perspective that we are spiritual beings before human?

Updated: Jun 25

God created the earth to provide a place for His sons and daughters, of God, to dwell in (Genesis 1:26). Before we were created in the flesh we were created in the spirit, in the likeness of His image (Genesis 1). God created the Heavens and the Earth on the first day but on the sixth day we were created. We were created with purpose. We were created to be overseers of the Earth we live in today. God created man (male) to till the ground. Definition of till is human power to use methods by shoveling, picking hoeing, etc. (Genesis 2:5). God created women to be a helper for the man (male) (Genesis 2:18). In fact, God said, "it is not good that the man should be alone," which was the very first time God said something was not good. Spiritually, as well as in the flesh, our purpose is to take what God created and be fruitful and multiply for His glory. Remember when God created the Earth there was no vegetation and God had not yet caused it to rain and no man to work the ground (Genesis 2:5). See, as a society we have grown so far from the purpose we were created for. We need to be reminded that we are not against one another (male and female). But we were created to work together, to create balance. Woman was pulled out of a man's rib because we are part of him but never intended to be like him and vice versa. We need to love one another and be patient with each other. Unfortunately, sin has creeped into our society and created confusion on what we were destined to do here on Earth. We may wonder why our relationships don't work out or why it's hard to provide for our families and the reason is we lost sight of what our true purpose is. If we focused on the original purpose we were created for, everyday, imagine all the blessings that will be poured unto us. We have come so far in currency, technology, science but yet we find ourselves still so far away. I encourage you to seek God to understand your purpose and allow God to reveal to you what you can do here on Earth for His glory and watch God open the flood gates of Heaven over your life. I believe in Faith that God will do, exceedingly and abundantly, new things in your life if you focus on your purpose. God Bless.

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