Trust God

I would like to give my heavenly Father a BIG shout out for hearing and answering my prayers (Psalm 66:17-20). You see when God answers my prayers it tells me that He is in complete control of my life. You as well can have God answer all of your prayers as well. How so, you may ask, and the key to unlocking this mystery is Trusting God with everything you have within you (Proverbs 3:5). God the Father is the creator of the universe and have power over all, even the situation that you are in right now. God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day; He surely can heal, renew, deliver your situation. See God is an awesome and amazing God because not only He created the world in 6 days, He sent His son Jesus to earth to die for our sins just so we can have the opportunity to live forever (thats Love), even after this shell has past away. But He wasn't done! He then sent the Holy Spirit to petition on our behalf. The Holy Spirit was sent to help us to become more like Christ.

Sometimes I will talk to people and they have no clue in the things they may say or I may want to surrender to those ngative emotions or advices from people who believes they understand my situation. But you see in those conversation theres things, sometimes, repeated back to me for confirmation from God that He heard my prayer. The times when my flesh wants to give into those negative emotions, the Holy Spirit whispers to me "Trust God" and I face that situation with stronger hope and Faith and I realize that the opposing spirit trying to steal from me. But I stand here to remind you that no matter what your seeing, if God promised you something in your heart, trust that it have to go the way it's going for a divine purpose. Understand God is everywhere, all the time and sees and hears all things, so theres reasons behind EVERYTHING!!!! So please trust God in all things. Cast All your cares on Him. This is the Will of God. I am a living testament. God Bless!

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